Make money cleaning your closet!

It’s spring, and that means one thing… Spring cleaning!  I know that, maybe, that doesn’t sound sooo exciting, but be positive. 

Let’s start with those 3 for $10 t-shirts  in your closet, You know the ones… they really can’t be worn again now that they are washed.  Why not donate them to a worthy cause, or keep them under the seat in your car, in case you need to check your oil. 

I’m sure you will come across a pair of jeans or two that are either too loose, too tight, too dark, too flared, too whatever.  These can be sold at a consignment store or on your local buy/sell Facebook group.  And don’t get me started on the yoga pants and leggings… how many do you need? 

Once you are all done, group your clothes based on how you wear them.  We all have our favourites that get worn once a week and a grouping of stuff that you just can’t give up.  A little trick I learned for giving up those old favorites is to turn the hangers backwards.  If you are spring cleaning next year and the hanger is still backwards… maybe give it up.

 Now you should have a well-organized closet, with plenty of room and even a few empty hangers.  Before you head out with fists full of consignment cash, do a little research and decide how you want to build your wardrobe.  Do you have a favourite local store? If you don’t you should scope them out.  Once the staff gets to know you they can help you build the perfect wardrobe in a lot less time and for a lot less money than picking up a piece here and a piece there.

At JJ’s we can access what you have bought in the past so you can buy something that compliments a previous purchase and maybe stretches two outfits into three or four without the extra expense.  (Bonus – this can cut down on packing weight when you are vacationing with all the money you saved) Another advantage to having access to your past purchases is, when your friends and family want to buy you a gift, we have your size and colour preferences in the system, and the staff know what you like. 

Your closet looks amazing!! Everything in there works so well together!  Have you noticed that you have about a third of what used to be in there and your favourite group has doubled in size!  You now get 20+ wearings out of every garment instead of one!  Sounds like you are saving more money.  I’m sensing another vacation! 

Less is more. 

The last and best way to build an amazing wardrobe is to take advantage of our BOGO sales.  We usually have two per year, one in spring and one in fall.  You could buy four pieces that work together to create three to four unique outfits! Just ask for help and we can make it happen! 

Our Spring Break BOGO is currently on until March 28, 2016.  Buy one item and get the second for half price.