Discover the good you can do!

The business of retail is changing every day, and I think for the better!  Many clothing companies are becoming more socially responsible, producing items such as boardshorts out of recycled water bottles and then giving back a portion of the profits to help clean up our oceans.  WOW!!

Ten Tree Plants 10 trees for every garment sold!  31 Bits helps women in Africa get an education and earn a living making accessories.   TOMs Shoes, one of our personal favourites here at JJ’s, has a “One for One” program, with every product you purchase, TOMs will help a person in need.  Sounds crazy right?  Sometimes you can’t help but feel a little cynical, but we’ve seen it! 

One of our staff visited and volunteered at a school in Honduras.  A friend she travelled with returned to the school and happened to show up on the day TOMs was there, giving a new pair of shoes to all the kids!  She sent us some photos of the kindergarten class getting fitted for their new shoes.  It really happens!! 

What if we all made our buying decisions based on the good we could do, rather than strictly on price?  The next time you are out on a shopping adventure ask a few questions and see where your shopping dollars can do the most good, I think you would be surprised by how much you can help simply by consciously choosing one item over another. 

I bet most of you already have some of these items in your closet, and if you do, thank you.   

Discover the good you can do!