The next big thing!

I have to be real, there hasn't been much new in the way of menswear for a few years. We get to choose from, jeans, dress pants, shorts, and board shorts.  I guess we also have sweatpants but those are more for around the house… well at least, they should be.

Now we have twill joggers!! I know, I know, not the crazy revolution you were expecting from the title but it’s still pretty awesome.  When the jogger first came out all I could picture was Justin Bieber with the saggy crotch pants, and thought… yup, just another stupid trend that will be embarrassing in a few years.  But like everything fashion, tweaks and improvements are made and certain items start showing up in the main stream.  Now you walk down the street and on one side you see the wanna be Bieber and on the other side you see a guy with joggers, a blazer, and cool shoes.  Wait what?? A blazer??  Yup!

So, I got a pair of the new ones we just received (the ones on our on our website).  That’s me on our Instagram page with the joggers and the orange plaid shirt, not bad, right? Even my daughter said she liked them and I embarrass her all the time. 

Well, now how long before these become a staple in the man’s wardrobe? They are comfortable (guys are all about comfort), they are great for travelling, and they look good dressed up or down.  And you can wear them out of the house!  And best of all I didn't have to hem them! (that is the main reason I didn't get into the man-pri thing)

Sorry Justin, but you are not the only cool guy in town.